About Viljandi Hospital

Viljandi Hospital is a general hospital, providing professional 24-hour quality medical care for the ones is need.

Viljandi Hospital is one of the largest general hospitals in Estonia. The hospital consists of 7 clinics, 3 centres, medical and non medical support services:

  • Outpatient Treatment Clinic
  • Diagnostic Clinic
  • Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine Clinic
  • Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Surgery Clinic
  • Women’s Clinic
  • Psyhiatry Clinic
  • Welfare Center
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for addicts
  • Somatic Treatment Clinic’s Nursing Center

Viljandi Hospital consists of two distinct complex: the 9-storeyed main building fot somatic therapy and complex of houses fot psyhiatric and care patients in the historical park.

General hospital was founded 1827 as town-military hospital with 20 beds. Mental hospital, the predecessor of Psyhiatry Clinic, was founded 1897. Today’s main building was built in 1976-1984. Viljandi Hospital Foundation was established in 2001.


Viljandi Hospital is the largest employer of the county. Approximately 1000 people work at the hospital.

The number of outpatient visits per year is up to 77 000. Outpatient service is offered in the following specialities: cardiology, neurology, surgery, endocrinology, otolaryngology, dermatorology, urology, gynecology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, psysiotherapy, psychiatry, rehabilitation, rheumatology, internal diseases, infectious diseases, occupational health care.

The number of beds is 431, the number of inpatients is around 7500 in a year. Emergendy assistance provided approximately 44 patients per day and 16 000 patients a year. Emergency department provides emergency medical help of internal, trauma, surgery, gynecology nature for adults and children 24h a day.

When somatic specialties serve people of Viljandi County, the Psychiatry Clinic’s services provide all the people of Estonia. We have some specialties, in that we are the only providers in Estonia. Such as involuntary treatment for mentally ill offenders and involuntary treatment for mentally ill TB patients.

In Viljandi Hospital, there are also mobile services: x-ray bus, mobile bus for men and women, mammography bus, skin bus and mental health bus. These buses drive around Estonia and provide services for a lot of people of Estonia.